TripCenter is built on solid foundations of two travel industry specialists - Chirag Golwala and Rui Men. In 2016, they saw a persistent problem in the industry as they and their customers were being underserved and often too many intermediaries got involved with multi-layered communication process. They realized that the future lay on a single, global, professional and fully licensed peer to peer ground transport booking platform for a vehicle of any size with full transparency and content rich listing that gave buyers and service providers direct access to each other.
It is with this thought that TripCenter was born. We are very proud to be privately owned and funded company. Since launch, TripCenter has grown from a two-person operation in London to an international team of over 15. We now connect global travellers to location based, licensed and professional ground transport companies in more than 2000 cities in 130+ countries with over 10,000 vehicles available to book at any given time. We are confident that we will have the single largest virtual fleet for any size of private hire transport vehicles as we have established relationships with giants of the industry.
This means that ground transport for every trip, everywhere has finally become a reality and can be reserved as easily as flights and hotels on consumer and corporate travel websites.